The DAS Najlepsze z Polski S. A. company has established cooperation with the Logisys logistic consulting centre
with whom it shall carry out two projects in order to streamline the company’s logistics.

The first project concerns the optimisation of the distribution network and the determination of the logistic requirements
connected with the distribution centre of the DAS company. The aim of the project is the assessment of the current distribution system organisation and the generation of recommendations for the performed firm growth strategy. As a result the strategic plan
of the distribution system development shall be created.

The second part of the cooperation is focused on launching a consolidated warehouse. For this purpose the consultants
from the Logisys company shall take over the function of external logistics department which shall manage the performance
of the consolidation project for a 4 month period.


The Logisys company is a centre of competence in the field of logistics and supply chain optimisation. Logisys performs
logistics advisory and implements changes in companies’ logistics. Its core is a team of practitioners, engineers and logistic advisers who effectively support the development of manufacturing, warehouse and distribution logistics.
The company has got rich experience in the execution of diversified logistic projects, for big companies as well as companies
from the SME sector from various industries. So far the company has completed projects for over 70 firms. The effectiveness
of the Logisys solutions can be confirmed by customers like Bakoma, Bruno Tassi,, Aluplast, Żabka, Vision Express.