DAS Najlepsze z Polski S. A. is a modern distribution group engaged in the FMCG sector in the Polish and German markets.

The Group DAS Najlepsze z Polski S. A. focuses on selling the highest quality Polish food and alcohol products
to German retail chains.

Goods are purchased and exported by the Company DAS Najlepsze z Polski S. A., and sold to German business partners
through its subsidiary, DAS Beste aud Polen GmbH, distributing the products in over 550 German retail stores.

The company DAS Beste aus Polen GmbH, apart from the cooperation with the German retail chains, is engaged
in a number of marketing campaigns aimed at promoting Polish food products on the German market.

Exports of goods are optimized:  thanks to the Group’s  logistics between the receipt and the delivery of  goods, the period
of order execution is shortened to the minimum.

Thanks to our experience, marketing campaigns, reputation and market potential, the Group DAS Najlepsze z Polski S. A.
has established itself as  a leader in industry.