In Germany, there are more than 3.2 million Polish-speaking residents:
- 400 thousand Polish citizens
- 2.2 million German citizens of Polish original
- 600 thousand Poles working in Germany.

Most of them live in the Polish population centers such as Berlin, the regions of the Ruhr, Lower Saxony and Bavaria. Polish immigration is on the rise: in 2012, approximately 170,000 Polish citizens emigrated to Germany.

Poles have created a strong community, which attaches great importance to indigenous products. Initially, the Group's key clients were traditional retail stores in the area
of ​​Dortmund and Essen.

Germans started to appreciate Polish food products very quickly. Polish food products appeared in retail stores operated by the Group EDEKA - one of the largest retail network
in Germany.

Polish speaking population and other ethnic customers interested in products of Polish origin became the target audience of Polish food and alcoholic products.

Model of the German FMCG (fast moving consumer products)  market is typical of highly developed European Union countries
– it is dominated by large area shops with a significant share of traditional stores.

The market environment in which the Company  DAS Beste aus Polen GmbH operates, offers high potential for distribution growth. The company is gradually expanding its business by providing high quality products of Polish origin to a variety of retail outlets.

Polish food's popularity is due to high quality, affordable prices and environmentally friendly organic production.

DAS Group has been present on the German market since 2009 and the region of DAS Beste aus Polen GmbH sales covers:
Bremen, Hesse, Lower Saxony, North Rhine and Westphalia.

Currently, the Group's clients are customers of largest supermarket chains, supermarkets and small and medium sized shops
in Germany.