The Group DAS is one of the largest and most dynamically developing Polish commercial groups engaged in the exports of goods and services and distribution of Polish food and alcoholic products (FMCG) to the German retail outlets.

The Group started its distribution activity by supplying Polish community stores in Germany. These were stores with a smaller retail area and a limited number of articles usually run individually by their owners or concentrated in small local networks.

Distribution activities are currently focused on modern trade outlets: hypermarkets, supermarkets, discount stores, chain stores.

The main customers are the largest German retailers, yet they also include medium- and small-sized grocery and wine and spirits stores.

Operations of the Group DAS are divided into two segments: wholesale exports and distribution.

The company DAS Najlepsze z Polski S. A. is responsible for wholesale exports of goods and services. It also holds negotiations,
is engaged in the purchase of Polish food products, ensures logistics and exports goods to the Company's subsidiary, DAS Beste
aus Polen GmbH.

As a parent company, DAS Najlepsze z Polski S. A.  acts as a supervisor of actions undertaken by the German company.

The Company DAS Beste aus Polen GmbH is responsible for the distribution segment. The Company DAS Beste aus Polen GmbH  operates a distribution and supply centre  and supplies food articles directly to over 550 stores. It also conducts numerous marketing campaigns aimed at promoting Polish food products.